Bar Partners

Your Path to Packed Bars and Happy Patrons!

We are working with bar and restaurant owners to swap their ad budgets for filled seats and happy patrons. BarVoucher is a monthly subscription service designed to bring more patrons to your establishment by connecting customers where they’re treated best.

BarVoucher connects your bar with enthusiastic bar-goers through our mobile app, offering them access to custom discounts. Our platform creates a seamless and enticing experience, making it easy for patrons to redeem their vouchers at your bar.

How it Works:

  1. Partner with BarVoucher: Join our growing network of bars and restaurants by signing up as a partner. We’ll work closely with you to create a unique and compelling offer that suits your establishment and business goals.
  2. Exclusive Vouchers: We negotiate exclusive deals for our subscribers with your establishment. Subscribers will have 1-calendar month to redeem the offer 1x each.
  3. Simple Redemption Process: Our mobile app allows customers to quickly redeem their vouchers in an efficient manner for all. Click redeem and view 60 second counter.

Take the first step towards packed bars and happy patrons with BarVoucher – your partner in bar success!